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Our Vision Statement -

Watson Bowman Acme (WBA) will be the recognized leader and strongest partner for expansion control systems and responsible solutions, with a world wide commitment to expansion control for civil and commercial structures. We will be a reliable supplier of expansion joints to the markets in which we serve. By basing our business on a culture of responsible care, we create true value for our stakeholders.

A Part of BASF Construction Chemicals

WBA is a BASF Construction Chemicals business located in Amherst, New York. We have 130 dedicated employees working to service our customers throughout the world. The facility houses all of our business activities allowing for seamless and coordinated operations to support the very demanding array of our customers’ needs. For more than 60 years WBA has developed and manufactured products for some of the world’s most unique and complex projects. While our core focus has been in the area of expansion control for civil structures, our technical expertise has developed to be much farther reaching. Today we have expanded beyond our core products and offer specialty products and services to not only the bridge and highway market, but also the parking and stadium, and architectural structures markets.

Our reputation has been built upon our leading engineering expertise, incomparable logistics, and our focused customer service throughout the project life cycle. Our brand and our products enjoy global recognition. Providing customized solutions for the construction industry has always been our forte. Our expertise in expansion control systems design has offered us the opportunity to design and build expansion control systems for the most demanding of projects.

We have a fully qualified engineering staff of professional engineers and designers backed by strong relationships with national testing labs and universities. Our professional operations team employs the principles of lean manufacturing, and enterprise resource planning tools, all supported by our formal ISO 9001-2008 and AISC quality management systems.  Complimenting these are our marketing and sales, and customer service teams consisting of experienced, technical people trained to work with you to select and develop the right solution to your project's expansion control requirements. These resources of expertise are available to all of our customers.

About BASF Construction Chemicals

Watson Bowman Acme is a BASF Construction Chemicals business. BASF’s Construction Chemicals division offers advanced solutions to issues related to new construction, maintenance, repair and rehabilitation of commercial structures. 

The Construction Chemicals division of BASF also offers these other long-established regional specialty brands in North America:

Master Builders Solutions: Master Builders Solutions is BASF's global brand of advanced chemical solutions for construction. The brand builds on the strengths of many legacy BASF brands and products and represents our experience of more than 100 years in the construction industry.

SenergyFinestone and Acrocrete: Extensive range of wall systems solutions including EIFS, stucco, specialty finishes and air/water-resistive barriers

Our employees form a global community of experts that are passionate about solving our customers' specific challenges at all stages of construction as well as throughout the lifecycle of the structure. 


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