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Our Commitment to Design-Build Projects

Watson Bowman Acme has a very successful track record in supplying best-in-class products and services to satisfy unique demands of Infrastructure Design-Build projects. Utilizing knowledge gained as a leader in expansion control system research and testing, WBA can design project-specific solutions to fit virtually any design requirements with the following key pillars as the basis for success.



In this highly competitive world, Design Build partners must bring tangible differences to the table which provide a vital edge to the team. Watson Bowman Acme can be your edge.


Reliability:Arguably the most important component in any successful project is the collaboration and communication among the Owner, Engineer, Contractor, and Supplier.  We believe this close communication does not stop at time of final expansion joint design selection, but continues long after installation.  WBA’s commitment to customer satisfaction and our reputation for servicing our products is second to none.

Watson Bowman Acme expansion joints perform. With over 60 years of products installed throughout North America and the world, Watson Bowman Acme expansion joint systems have stood the test of time. Our company’s reputation is closely related to the reliability of its products and services resulting in our objective of being committed to customer satisfaction. We have produced consistent results in the industry by not only meeting but often exceeding project requirements in reliability.


Adaptability:  WBA has flexibility in adapting standard product components into project-specific solutions that result in the most economical overall result.  We have developed products using staff dedicated to the niche market of expansion control, and have sole ownership of the technology.  Technology ownership allows us to positively respond to challenging conditions that would otherwise be seen as obstacles.  We understand that additional time in developing an installation friendly expansion joint can save our Contracting partner valuable time and cost, but not compromise on quality.

Because we completely control our engineering and manufacturing, we are able to demonstrate and respond positively to changing conditions and obstacles in a timely manner to deliver a proven high quality of performance.


Assurance: WBAC has been certified under two formal Quality Control Management systems for many years.  We proudly hold certificates verifying conformance to American Institute of Steel Construction and ISO 9001-2008, and hold ourselves accountable on every project. In addition, we take every measure to ensure our products are delivered on time, and in conformance to project requirements so the overall project schedule remains on time.

Our over 60 years of leading the expansion joint market has been built upon best practices of design and manufacture.


Engineering Resources: WBA provides the expertise of forward thinking technology to help you meet your expansion joint needs. As your partner, WBA brings the engineering resources up front in the process with owners and designers to reduce the risk of design errors and the need for redesigns which can add to overall project costs and delays.


Innovation: Creative thinking and customer interaction allows us to develop and utilize new ideas and methods to create better more applicable and successful products and services. WBAC’s proven expertise in the Bridge, Parking & Open Air Structures and Architectural markets motivates us to constantly explore new methods of addressing the ever-evolving needs for project specific solutions which are the result of innovative design environments and a demanding marketplace.


Partnering: Our 60+ years in this niche industry is built upon hands-on experience and close working relationships with top design firms and contractors throughout the world. WBA partners on projects which allows for greater collaboration, innovation and accelerated project delivery. This also provides opportunities for cost savings and safety improvements.

In this highly competitive world, partners must bring tangible differences to the table which provide a vital edge to the team. Watson Bowman Acme can be your edge.


A Brief Overview of Our Design Build Experience and Commitment to Project Excellence


Cleveland Innerbelt Bridge - The Innerbelt Bridge, currently an ongoing project, is recognized as a vital transportation route into downtown Cleveland, Ohio positioned over the Cuyahoga River. Watson Bowman Acme-BASF provided custom, 110 foot long, large movement modular joints to accommodate for heavy traffic loading, and a large volume of commuter traffic. These unique joints meet and exceed the bridge’s engineering requirements and intricate design.



 I-15 Corridor Reconstruction - The I-15 Corridor Reconstruction, a major interstate for cities: Butte, Montana, Salt Lake City, and Las Vegas, Nevada, required fast and reliable design, fabrication, and project management of all expansion joint systems installed prior to the Salt Lake City Winter Olympics. Watson Bowman Acme designed custom modulars, strip seals, and silicone seal to be used over the course of 142 bridges, 3 interchanges, and 16 miles of structures.



 Mike O’Callaghan - Pat Tillman Bridge - The Mike O’Callaghan - Pat Tillman Bridge is a compelling arch bridge that complements the central portion of the Hoover Dam, spanning the Colorado River. A design goal of combining aesthetic and function resulted in minimizing the risk of pedestrian and automobile accidents while reducing traffic travel time. WBA contributed by providing large movement modular joints to accommodate for structural movement.



Creve Coeur Bridge - The Creve Coeur Bridge is a compelling, 2,675 foot bridge located in St. Louis, Missouri. WBA designed and manufactured massive 27 inch movement modular expansion joint systems at 87 feet long and 82,000 pounds each. These systems absorb bridge impact well and provide a smooth riding surface.




Four Bears Bridge - The Four Bears Bridge, located in New Town, North Dakota, incorporates designs from the three native tribes residing on the Fort Berthold Indian Reservation. With harsh weather conditions, the high performance, 32” large movement Wabo Modular System has provided durability, accommodating effective weather proofing while absorbing punishing truck traffic.



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