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Watson Bowman Proudly Announces WaboFireShield FSV & FSH


Watson Bowman Acme, a BASF company, introduces unified fire-retardant foam expansion control system


Wabo®FireShield designed to meet life-safety and movement requirements of parking, stadium, building construction projects


AMHERST, NY, November 25, 2013 -- Watson Bowman Acme, a BASF company and leader in expansion control systems for the construction industry, has introduced Wabo®FireShield, a system specifically designed to accommodate the expansion control needs of structures while providing exceptional life-safety in the event of a fire.

“The Wabo®FireShield is a high performance, multi-directional-movement-capable fire barrier system,” said Rick Patterson, Business Director for Watson Bowman Acme. “The impregnated foam component effectively reduces sound intrusion, making it ideal for applications where ambient noise could be an issue and would need to be managed.”

Wabo®FireShield is a unified, fire rated, sound attenuating, ultraviolet (UV) light stable, thermal and water-resistant sealant system. It features waterproof silicone faces on each side of a fire-retardant impregnated foam sealant without the need for additional intumescent bellows.

Although designed to be used alone, it can also be installed behind any other metallic or elastomeric expansion joint system. With both sides coated, it may be placed with either side exposed to view, adding to the versatility and increasing the aesthetic fireproof sealing options.

The silicone finish enhances the water-resistant nature of the product and provides an aesthetic finish. Available in two different models – FireShield Vertical (FSV) and FireShield Horizontal (FSH) - this life-safety expansion control system is capable of handling all types of construction projects.

Watson Bowman Acme offers a complete line of custom designed expansion control systems for parking decks and architectural structure applications, including Wabo®BusTuff, Jeene®, Wabo®TwinSeam, Wabo®CreteMembrane, Wabo®WeatherSeam, Wabo®Allure, Wabo®ElastoFlex parking series and Wabo®Seismic Span II.




Wabo FireShield Launch Packet Our Wabo®FireShield Launch Package has everything you need to know about the most capable system on the market today. Download your copy! (3MB)


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Heavy Duty Redefined: Info for New Wabo®BusTuff Heavy Duty Parking System Now Available!

We are pleased to announce an entire package of information for the New Wabo®BusTuff (BTS) Expansion Joint System. Download here, learn and spread the word about the most capable parking deck expansion joint system in the market! Hard copy packages will also be available for request through our Literature Request page shortly.

This digital package (1.5 MB file size) contains:

  • BusTuff Product folder - detailed product illustrations and in-depth product description
  • BusTuff Product Data Sheet - designed to quickly highlight unique system features and benefits, technical data
  • BusTuff Specification - highlights system benefits, criteria for performance and design
  • BusTuff Installation and Application Card - plainly and clearly explains the necessary steps to take before and during installation
  • BusTuff System Detail - clearly illustrates system components


Also, be sure to check out our brand new WaboBusTuff videos!

Wabo BusTuff Launch Packet Our BusTuff Launch Package has everything you need to know about the most capable system on the market today. Download your copy! (1.5 MB)

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Watson Bowman Acme products meld industry-leading bridge technology into new parking joint


AMHERST, NY, June 27, 2013 -- Watson Bowman Acme, a BASF company and leader in expansion control systems for the construction industry, today announced the release of Wabo®BusTuff, the newest development in parking deck expansion control systems.

Wabo®BusTuff is a rugged and reliable expansion joint system specifically designed to accommodate high load, high speed, and high daily traffic count parking deck challenges. The system is manufactured to provide optimal durability, meeting and exceeding current industry standards.

Wabo®BusTuff expansion control systems can carry axle loads up to and including 40,000 pounds, 30 percent horizontal impact forces created by vehicles traveling at high speeds across the system, and slab movements and rotations in all directions, as proven in WBA’s seismic testing program at the Pacific Earthquake Engineering Research Center at the University of California, Berkeley.

“This system was designed and tested to withstand the most demanding seismic events resulting in a fully functional, robust expansion joint system for parking structures,” said Rick Patterson, Business Director for Watson Bowman Acme. “With the release of Wabo®BusTuff, Watson Bowman Acme is expanding our seismic portfolio offering for the parking deck marketplace.”

Watson Bowman Acme offers a complete line of custom designed expansion control systems for the parking deck applications, including Wabo®SafetyFlex, Jeene®, Wabo®Crete StripSeal, Wabo®CreteMembrane, Wabo®WeatherSeam, Wabo®WaterTite, Wabo®ElastoFlex parking series and Wabo®Seismic Span II.


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WBA Exhibiting at AIA 2013

AIA 2013

We will be exhibiting at the Colorado Convention Center for the upcoming AIA 2013 National Convention and Design Expo in Denver, CO. Stop by booth 356 and check out our line of Architectural Expansion Joints! The show runs from June 20-22. See you there!


The Engineering Behind the Hoover Dam and its Bypass

From Roads and Bridges, July 2012

The Hoover Dam, and the newly constructed Hoover Bypass, or Mike O'Callaghan – Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge, are engineering marvels that embody American ingenuity, grit and power. However, these public works share more than the Colorado River. They stand out as monuments of determination and exemplify how technology and chemistry contribute to engineering success.

Before the Hoover Dam transformed the raging, flood-prone Colorado River into a resource for economic growth, it took a team of 200 engineers to achieve what many thought was impossible: design a dam that could hold back a 500-ft-deep, 10-trillion-gallon reservoir; enough water to cover the state of Connecticut 10 feet deep.

The resulting concrete arch-gravity design, allowing the water load to be dispersed by both the gravity and horizontal arch action, was the winning solution. It would take a lot of concrete to make this work. In fact, even with this design, the dam would need to resist the water pressure more than 45,000 lb per square foot at the base of the dam.

By its completion in 1935, the Hoover Dam was the greatest concrete project ever recorded, using more masonry than the Great Pyramid at Giza (4.5 million cu yd) and equal to the amount needed to build a two-lane highway from Seattle to Miami, or a 4-ft-wide sidewalk around the Equator...

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WBA Applicator School 2012

WBA's 2012 Applicator school was a success. With over 70 participants, the Scottsdale, AZ training site was teeming with national and international participants. 

Early March was the date and warm, sunny Scottsdale was the place for Watson Bowman Acme's 23rd annual Factory Trained Applicator school. As always, this program provides an excellent opportunity to provide our Applicators with new experiences, techniques and introduce them to new products. Our program this year included our newly launched Wabo®BusTuff parking joint. It is also an opportunity for our participants to build new relationships and share experiences that help their businesses to grow. Don't miss your chance to join us in Scottsdale AZ for our industry-leading 2013 Factory Trained Applicator Training program next March!


 Thank you to all our participants!

Congratulations to our grads!

See you in March 2013 for our next program.




Expansion Control Solutions for the World's Largest Domed Structure - Grand Opening of New Dallas Cowboys Stadium

New Dallas Cowboys StadiumWatson Bowman Acme was selected to provide the mechanical expansion joints for the new Dallas Cowboys stadium and entertainment venue, which opened in Arlington, Texas on June 6th. WBA’s joint systems were designed and manufactured to accommodate the movement needs of the seating bowl, concourses, executive suites, and other areas of the stadium where product durability, performance and aesthetics were essential to the massive structure.

System Selection and Manufacture

What is now one of the most recognizable structures in the world, the new Dallas Cowboys Stadium incorporates Watson Bowman Acme expansion joint products and systems. In addition to meeting movement requirements, these systems were selected to minimize their appearance by using complementary color selections and finishes – as in the executive suites where the Wabo®Contour and Wabo®Allure engineered expansion joint systems minimize sight lines and visibility to provide smooth, non-interruptive transitions for walls and floors; to the engineered expansion joints in the bowl and concourse which bridge transitions between concrete sections and provide stability, safety and waterproofing of joints in heavily pedestrian trafficked areas. Life safety systems, such as the Wabo®FlameGuard II, a fire barrier designed to provide the required fire endurance rating of the structure, minimize passage of smoke, and accommodate dynamic movement, were also required with the expansion joint package.

The selection of several diverse expansion control systems and the corresponding time needed to manufacture the systems had to follow a precise timeline, in order to match Manhattan Constructions’ aggressive construction schedule. Watson Bowman Acme’sperformance record and ability to engineer unique solutions won them the opportunity to participate on this project. In addition to an in-house project manager, on-site support was provided by a team of WBA sales and technical service professionals.

WBA’s project manager worked closely with all parties in assuring timely and accurate communication, manufacture of product, quality control and ultimate material supply. Field changes resulted in as-built variances from the original designs throughout the course of the project. WBA personnel were on site during construction, taking as-built measurements of joint openings and structure geometry along the tread and risers of the seating bowl. These measurements were provided to WBA’s engineering and manufacturing team, who then designed and fabricated custom-made expansion joint systems which were built to exact specifications and delivered on site – assembled and ready for immediate installation.

Early in the process, Watson Bowman Acme worked in concert with HKS Architects to provide expertise in the development of the recommended expansion joint systems ultimately selected for the project. WBA has a strong working relationship with HKS Architects from previous projects and worked closely with them on the development of the final project specification.

The Final Product

Upon completion, Centennial Moisture Control, Inc., of Irving, TX, Watson Bowman Acme’s Factory Trained Installer, will have installed over 19,000LF of expansion joint and fire barrier products. Such products range from the Wabo®Allure, Wabo®Crete Membrane 201, and the Wabo®SeismicFloor, to the Wabo®FlameGuard II fire barrier and Wabo®WeatherSeam system.

Watson Bowman Acme’s vast product offering, quality service and expertise in the area of expansion control will help to ensure the longevity of the new Dallas Cowboys stadium.