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Advances in Parking Joint Technology:

WBA Introduces Traffic Calming and Expansion Control in one Unique Product

With increasing emphasis from parking deck owners in the areas of both safety and structural longevity, WBA has answered the call with their new heavy duty Expansion Joint and traffic calming system, Wabo®SafetyGuard.  

The revolutionary new SafetyGuard system combines expansion joint and traffic calming technology into one unique product. The system is load rated to resist vehicular traffic loads and impact forces at slow speeds within parking structures and stadium concourses, and its raised cross section provides a visual warning to motorists to reduce speed. WBA’s rubber encapsulated metal plate completely eliminates cover plate noise, keeping the parking garage environment silent. Finally, molded segmental, construction-staging-sized panels allow for rapid installation, ensuring your project is done quickly and efficiently.


Your complete parking deck package: Wabo®SafetyGuard

Wabo®SafetyGuard Product brochure

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