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WBA Educates State Agencies on Bridge Preservation Technologies

Watson Bowman Acme presents at Purdue University as part of the LTAP program. 

The Watson Bowman Acme flag at Purdue University

November 3, 2017

Back to College

Nick Graziani and Debbie Steiger of Watson Bowman Acme were invited to Purdue University this month to participate, present and assist in Bridge Preservation Training for Indiana's LTAP program. 

LTAP, or the Local Technical Assistance Program, is an established nationwide system of technology transfer (T2) centers, some of which are located in universities and others in state highway agencies. The training sessions involved bridge joint preservation (design, maintenance and repair), performance management, bridge deck preservation and preservation program development.


Understanding the need for training and the development of municipal programs focusing on the preservation of the non-state owned bridges is vital to the overall condition of our country's 608,000 bridges. The LTAP program is a key part of this effort. As a partnership among state universities, state departments of transportation, and the Federal Highway Administration, the LTAP sessions focus on Bridge Preservation Training for local agencies with primary missions to promote training, technology transfer, and research project implementation at state and local transportation levels.

WBA’s Bridge Maintenance Team are a national member of the Bridge Preservation Partnerships and are also active in promoting bridge preservation concepts among transportation agencies across the country.

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