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Watson Bowman Proudly Announces WaboFS Seal


Watson Bowman Acme introduces new pre-compressed silicone coated foam expansion joint system

Wabo®FS Seal introduces state-of-the-art foam supported silicone technology.

Watson Bowman Acme, a BASF Construction Chemicals company, has announced the release of Wabo®FS Bridge Seal, a pre-compressed, silicone coated, self-expanding foam joint system for bridges that promotes easy installation and reduced down-time for traffic.

Engineered for use in bridge construction, the self-expanding joint system offers the best-in-class water and fuel resistant seal, with maximum movement and time saving installation. Made of a 100% acrylic impregnated polyurethane foam seal, and coated with a highway grade UV stable silicone, the system is designed to be permanently bonded to the joint substrate with Wabo®Gel Adhesive.

System features include:

-  Monolithic foam construction

-  Simplicity of installation — saves labor and closure time

-  State-of-the-art manufacturing

-  No delamination — expands to the widest movements in the industry 

-  Grey silicone facing to better blend into the structure

-   Movement capacity of +/-60%

-  Factory assembled standard transitions expertly created in house

-  Armorless technology

-  Available in 125° and 90° angles

For best results:

1.  Install with Wabo®Gel Adhesive, a joint substrate epoxy

2.  For splices, MasterSeal NP 100 is recommended

3.  For finishing edge bead and top silicone splice, Wabo®Sil Adhesive is recommended

The Wabo®FS Bridge Seal is the ONLY silicone foam of its kind to pass Cyclic Testing for silicone Bridge Joint Systems. The cyclic testing procedure determines the durability of the system after two hundred cycles in compression and tension and racking of the system at severe skews and various temperature ranges.

“We’re excited to be able to offer the bridge market our FS Seal, an effective, preventive and corrective sealing solution for bridge expansion joints,” said Debbie Steiger, National Sales Manager, Watson Bowman Acme.

Leading the bridge maintenance and preservation industry in silicone technologies, Watson Bowman Acme offers a full line of silicone foam supported bridge seal systems and system accessories.

 Watson Bowman Acme offers a complete line of custom designed expansion control systems for bridge and highway applications, including Wabo®Crete SiliconeSeal, Wabo®Evazote, Wabo®Crete StripSeal, Wabo®TransFlex,  Wabo®Flex, and Jeene® 



FS Bridge Seal

Wabo®FS Bridge Seal

Wabo®FS Bridge Seal is a foam-supported silicone joint seal for bridges made of monolithic foam construction. The pre-compressed design allows for ease of installation and the flexibility to handle variations in joint size. 

Long-term cycling and sealing performance.



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