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Wabo®FlameGuard II - Horizontal

Wabo®FlameGuard II is a factory assembled fire barrier system that has been designed to provide the required fire endurance rating, minimize passage of smoke and accommodate dynamic movement without stress or degradation to its components. It has been designed and tested to meet the most current building codes and test standards. HFG

If applicable, the UL Listing(s) can be found under the specific Product Model listing shown below.

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Product Highlights


  • Fire ratings to 4 hrs. for 2 inch joint openings
  • Fire ratings to 2 hrs. for joint opening up to 12 inches
  • Meets the requirements of UL- 2079, ASTM E-1966, ICBO ES AC30, CAN/ULC-S101
  • Cycle tested
  • Listed with ULC & UL


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Commerical Buildings