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Wabo®FireShield FSV - Vertical

Wabo®FireShield FSV is a second generation unified fire rated, sound, energy and waterproof sealant system. This fire-retardant impregnated foam does not rely on the silicone face or an intumescent coating to provide its fire rating. 

If applicable, the UL Listing(s) can be found under the specific Product Model listing shown below.

Product Highlights


  • Fire ratings : 2 or 3hr fire rating in accordance with UL-2079.
  • Sound Attenuation : minimizes sound transfer.
  • Meets the requirements of UL- 2079, ASTM E-1966, ICBO ES AC30, CAN/ULC-S101
  • Cycle tested
  • Listed with ULC & UL
  • Watertight : Can accomodate structural movement up to +/-50% and maintain a watertight application.


  • Single Sided (1S), Double Sided (BS), Uncoated, or Pick Resistant Coating

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