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Watson Bowman


Wabo®QuakeWall (patent pending) is a high performance exterior/interior wall expansion system joint capable of accomodating large multi-directional thermal/seismic forces and displacements.

QuakeWall boasts a lightweight aluminum modular design and is the only wall system available today with drop-in and bolt installation.

QuakeWall's ready-to-finish exterior comes with snap on reveal-covers, giving it a sleek appearance right out of the box. Its low-height open rectangular bed design allows for easy installation of matching wall facade materials.

Product Highlights

Features Include:

  • Spring Hold Down
  • Panel Lock
  • Slide/Rider Guide Systems
  • Drop-In & Bolt Modular Installation
  • Maintenance Latch
  • Reveal Cover System
  • Open pan with rid frame support design

Interior Wall & Ceiling Joint Systems