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A World Class Partner in Bridge Expansion Control Systems

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Watson Bowman Acme Corp. has been at the industry forefront of design and manufacture of expansion joints for the bridge construction industry. From its modest beginnings in the 1950's, designing small movement pavement seals for concrete highway applications, to producing today's state of the art large movement seismically designed modular expansion joint devices on the world's largest segmental concrete structures, Watson Bowman Acme has provided technical support and product solutions for the most complex and challenging applications.
Expansion joints operate in unique environments and are a critical link to the sustainability of a bridge structure. The effects of failing expansion joints or improper system selection will severely weaken the structural integrity of a bridge. Watson Bowman Acme continues to improve and enhance the performance, preservation and installation of bridge expansion joints. Because of this constant drive to improve, restore integrity and ensure serviceability, there is a wide selection of expansion joint systems from which an owner, engineer/architect or contractor may select.
In addition to new construction, Watson Bowman Acme also provides products and services targeted toward Bridge Maintenance which include high performance, easily installed, solutions that replace and or repair existing non-performing joints and headers. We also provide products that support the latest trend of Bridge Preservation - those activities performed on bridge elements or components that aim to prevent, delay, or reduce deterioration.
These products and services combined with our customer service and technical sales team, provides our customers with world-class solutions expected of a BASF company.