Wabo®Crete StripSeal - Bridge Series Crete SE-400 Bridge

The Wabo®StripSeal system is a unique concept for effectively sealing expansion joints in bridges and structures with movements up to five inches. Elastomeric seals lock into a machined steel cavity for a watertight connection. Machined steel shapes provide the highest quality in manufacturing and tolerance control. Versatile in design, the joint system can be prefabricated, ready for placement or field assembled. The high quality neoprene seal element is easily inserted into the specially designed and machined locking cavity provided in the steel retainers. The system can be anchored with elastomeric concrete headers, cast into the concrete or welded to structural steel within the block out. Wabo®StripSeal heavy-duty systems are resilient and therefore will adapt itself to all types of joint movements and configurations.

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