Wabo®Compression Seal - Bridge Series WA-350

Wabo®CompressionSeal Bridge Series seals are preformed neoprene compression seals which allow you to effectively seal expansion joints with field proven long life and service capability. The elastomeric element is made of the highest quality neoprene and is therefore highly resistant to deterioration form exposure to weather, sunlight, oils and impact. Backed by over 30 years of experience, Wabo®CompressionSeal Bridge Series seals are recommended for sealing expansion joints in bridges, parking decks, buildings, tunnels water and sewage treatment plants. The unique design allows it to exert a continuous and uniform force against the joint walls, enabling it to accommodate any variation in joint width caused by thermal fluctuations while preserving water tightness. Wabo®CompressionSeal Bridge Series seals are available in a variety of cross sections and sizes for heavy duty traffic and high load applications.

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