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Watson Bowman


The Wabo®BusTuff is a rugged and reliable expansion joint system specifically designed to accommodate high load, high speed, high daily traffic count parking deck challenges. The system can carry axle loads up to and including 40,000 pounds, 30% horizontal impact forces created by vehicles traveling at high speeds across the system. This system has been tested and designed to withstand the most demanding seismic events making it the most fully functional, robust expansion joint system for parking structures.


Product Highlights


  • Engineered to completely eliminate cover plate noise using WBA's QuietRide™ technology
  • Structural elements designed for infinite fatigue life resulting in a truly maintenance-free system
  • Easy to install design for lane-by-lane installation, limiting lane closures on any project
  • High strength steel fastening system engineered to secure cover plates under any applied load condition, relative deck displacement, and rotation
  • The BusTuff system comes with a 3-year warranty

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