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Watson Bowman


Wabo®SafetyGuard is a dual purpose, quiet riding expansion joint and traffic calming system. It combines expansion joint technology and speed deterrence and noise attenuation into one unique product. The system is load rated to resist vehicular traffic loads and impact forces at slow speeds within parking structures and stadium concourses, and its raised cross section provides a visual warning to motorists to reduce speed. Our rubber encapsulated metal plate completely eliminates cover plate noise. Segmental molded panel and construction staging sized panels allow for rapid installation.

Product Highlights


  • Dual purpose - expansion joint system and speed deterrant in one product
  • Can be installed at existing expansion joint locations that require speed deterrent feature or directly on concourse decks or slow speed asphalt roadways to reduce vehicle speeds
  • Maintenance-free components and finishes for extremely low maintenance costs
  • Engineered to completely eliminate cover plate noise using QuietRide™ technology
  • System in conformance to ADA Guidelines for safe passage of pedestrian traffic
  • Sustainable manufacturing - molded rubber panels are made from 100% post-consumer recycled tires

Parking and Stadium Products