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WBA and Trelleborg Strategically Partner to bring Tunnel Seals and Gaskets to North America 

Trelleborg is the only company in the world supplying seals for immersed tube, bored and cut & cover tunnels.

WBA and Trelleborg are now partnering in North America to provide you with all products needed which seal, damp and protect with high performance polymer solutions. We are very proud to be carrying the industry's best tunnel sealing systems into American and Canadian projects. 

View some of Trelleborg's leading technology:

The Gina gasket and Omega seal are used between the sectional elements of immersed tunnels to prevent water ingress due to external water pressure. This combination of high water pressure seals not only allows for sealing but also for the transfer of the hydrostatic loads and movements between the tunnel ends due to soil settlement, creep of concrete, temperature effects and if required earthquakes. 


The Omega Seal is a versatile, multi-functional seal that is designed as a secondary sealing system for immersed tunnels in combination with the Gina gasket/seal as the primary seal. 

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