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Welcome to our Featured Projects Page. Here you will be able to read up on some of WBA's most noteworthy accomplishments, ranging from landmark, rugged seismic bridge projects to more aesthetic architectural achievements. Please check back often, as there is more to come.

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Miami Beach Convention Center

Miami Beach, FL   |   Watson Bowman Acme became involved with MBCC's massive $615 million renovation early on, beginning in the specification development stage. As the renovation began, constantly shifting site conditions required rapid responsiveness and flexibility, a trait WBA was happy to deliver by providing regular site visits, technical and customer service assistance and adjustements to product orders. Expansion joint products from WBA's Architectural market was used.

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Goethals Bridge

Staten Island, NY & Elizabeth, NJ   |   Watson Bowman Acme was involved with this $1.5 billion bridge replacement from the beginning - from the proposal phase, right through to construction. WBA provided eleven large Wabo®Modular expansion joints as well as custom sliding plates, Jeene® joint seals and Trelleborg waterstops. WBA worked closely with KWM to choose the right expansion joint products, a relationship which allowed them to quickly adapt to changing project needs and minimize interruptions to construction. Expansion joint products from WBA's Bridge & Highway and Tunnel markets were used.

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Detroit Metropolitan Airport

Detroit, MI   |   In 2002, unique loading requirements at Detroit Airport (DTW)'s McNamara Parking Garage led to the development of Watson Bowman Acme's innovative Wabo®BusTuff expansion joint. Jump forward to 2016 and WBA was once again chosen to provide expansion joints for the McNamara garage. Expansion joint products from WBA's Parking Structures & Stadiums market were used.

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Denver International Airport

Denver, CO   |   In the early 2010s, a massive set of additions to the Denver International Airport (DIA) were announced. A diverse set of joint requirements accompanied the diverse set of new additions, which included a new Hotel and Transit Center, a commuter rail, new parking decks, new roadways and baggage transportation. To meet these needs, WBA brought Wabo® solutions from all three of its market sectors - ArchitecturalParking & Stadium and Bridge & Highway – to the table.

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Crenshaw / LAX Transit Corridor

Southern California   |   In 2008, Los Angeles County funded 12 transit projects, one of which was the 8.5-mile-long Crenshaw / LAX Transit Corridor, aimed to divert traffic from roadways and significantly reduce auto emissions. The Omega Seal was specified in this project because of its superior watertightness, ability to withstand large multidirectional movements, and 100-year life. Expansion joint products from WBA's Tunnel market were used.

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Buffalo HarborCenter

Buffalo, NY   |   Two hockey rinks, a 205-room Marriott hotel, various retailers, restaurants and a 750-car indoor parking garage make up the 600,000 sq. ft. complex that is HarborCenter. WBA's efforts allowed them to adapt to the changing project needs and recommend additional products necessary to ensure a quality job. Expansion joint products from WBA's Parking Structures & Stadiums market were used.

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Sunshine Skyway Bridge

Tampa Bay, FL   |   In the summer of 2016, an accident occurred on Sunshine Skyway Bridge. Watson Bowman Acme received a call that a tanker truck had caught fire and damaged the bridge, including a section of Wabo®Flex joints. As a major transportation system, the bridge could not be shut down, so a quick repair was critical. Expansion joint products from WBA's Bridge & Highway market were used.

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U.S. Bank Stadium

Minneapolis, MN   |   Home to the NFL's Minnesota Vikings, U.S. Bank Stadium is the billion-dollar, glass-studded jewel of Minneapolis. Drawing inspiration from Nordic Vernacular architecture, HKS designed the stadium to blur the lines between outdoor and indoor. WBA's versatile product line was key in providing the strength and out-of-sight design required by this customer. Expansion joint products from WBA's Parking & Stadium and Architectural markets were used.

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Mercedes-Benz Stadium

Atlanta, GA   |   Ambitious, innovative, and wholly-unique, Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz Stadium was designed to set a new benchmark in stadium builds. Watson Bowman Acme worked closely with established construction and engineering teams, as well as respected design firms like HOK, to meet the project’s challenging build requirements with a set of customized products. Expansion joint products from WBA's Parking & Stadium market were used.

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CityCenter Resort & Casino

Las Vegas, NV   |  The premier casino and resort, Aria, is located in one of Las Vegas' most captivating urban complexes known as CityCenter. Watson Bowman Acme contributed to this project by providing a mix of standard and seismic parking and pedestrian expansion joint systems for the resort. Expansion joint products from WBA's Architectural and Parking & Stadium markets were used.

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Cleveland Innerbelt Bridge

Cleveland, OH   |   Recognized as a vital transportation route into downtown Cleveland, Ohio, the Inner-belt Bridge was built using the exclusive Design Build Process.  This innovative I-90 westbound bridge replaced an aging, existing structure. For this project, WBA provided three custom Wabo®Modular expansion joints, large movement modular systems that lend to a more sustainable bridge design, protecting and lengthening the expected life of the bridge. Expansion joint products from WBA's Bridge and Highway market were used.

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San Jose ConRAC Facility

San Jose, CA   |  The San Jose ConRAC facility called for a truly innovative solution from Watson Bowman Acme. Being in a seismic zone, the system had to handle thermal and seismic movements up to 31". The garage is where you will find the largest Wabo®Seismic SafetyFlex in company history. The massive system was designed to meet the demanding live load requirements while incorporating noise-attenuating cover plate technology. Expansion joint products from WBA's Parking & Stadiums market were used.

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Masjid al-Haram Mosque

Mecca, Saudi Arabia   |   Masjid al-Haram in the center of Mecca, Saudi Arabia is probably among the most visited places in the world. It is home to Islam's most sacred site and is the destination of the Haj and Umrah pilgrimages, which bring millions of worshippers to Mecca every year. Connectedness in all directions made WBA the main supplier of expansion control solutions for this large-scale expansion. Expansion joint products from WBA's Architectural and Parking markets were used.

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