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Watson Bowman

Watson Bowman Acme actively pursues Sustainable programs for our facility in addition to our products. The following is a summary of our recent programs.

Lighting Upgrades and Improvements 

Office Space: Replaced existing 60W - 4 lamp T12 fixtures with 32W - 4 lamp T8 fixtures

Energy Comparison @4,160 hours
Type 4 lamp T12 4 Lamp T8
Quantity 40 40
Watts per fixture 240 96
Total Watts 9600 3840
KW 9.6 3.84
KWH 39,594 15,974
Energy Savings
KW reduction 5.76
KWH Reduction 23,962
Energy Use Reduction 60%


Shop/Warehouse: Replaced existing 400W - Metal Halide fixtures with 6 lamp T8 High Bay fixtures

Energy Comparison @ 7,488 hours
Type 400W MH 6 lamp T8
Quantity 119 119
Watts per fixture 458 172
Total Watts 54,502 20,468
KW 54.502 20.468
KWH 408,111 153,265
Energy Savings
KW Reduction 34.034
KWH Reduction 254,846
Energy Use Reduction 62%


Participant in Demand Response Program  

During periods of high demand, participants lower their power consumption to reduce the strain on the electrical grid. These high demand periods are typically during the hours of 11 am and 6 PM during the summer months when extra demand is put on the system by increased air conditioning use combined with normal industrial and residential electricity needs. Watson Bowman has committed to participate in two events a year, typically a summer event (caused by the above) and a winter event (caused by storm damage).

Watson Bowman is asked to reduce it's energy consumption for a specific time period, typically 1 to 3 hours. Our lowered electricity consumption combined with the participation of thousands of other companies stabilizes the grid and prevents blackouts due to insufficient energy supply.