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Market Sector Catalogs

Architectural Buildings

Architectural Buildings Expansion Joint Systems

"WBA offers the design and construction community a broad portfolio of options and custom solutions that will meet your project’s form, fit and functional requirements. Creative hallmarks such as aesthetics, performance, durability and life safety are engineered into each Wabo® branded system." ...

Architectural Buildings

Bridge Fabricated

Bridge and Highway Fabricated Expansion Joint Systems

"WBA has a strong track record in supplying best-in-class products and services to satisfy unique demands of Infrastructure Design-Build projects. Utilizing knowledge gained as a leader in expansion control system research and testing, WBA can design project-specific solutions to fit virtually any design requirements." ...

Bridge and Highway Fabricated   

Bridge Maintenance & Preservation

Bridge Maintenance and Preservation Expansion Joint Systems

"Expansion joints are a critical link to the sustainability of a bridge structure. The effects of failing expansion joints or improper system selection will severely weaken the structural integrity of a bridge. Watson Bowman Acme continues to improve and enhance the performance, preservation and installation of bridge expansion joints." ...

Bridge Maintenance

Parking & Stadiums

Parking Structures Expansion Joint Systems

"Watson Bowman Acme’s parking structure systems do more than just allow for the necessary movement between rigid elements. They also protect the entire structure, ensuring sustainability, all while meeting the functional demands and aesthetic appeal of the most challenging projects." ...

Parking Structures

Pre-Compressed Sealants

Stadiums and Arenas Expansion Joint Systems

"From custom designs, to full systems specifically created for stadium and arena structures, a full staff of engineers, designers, highly-skilled manufacturers, and field service technicians bring you results with minimal costs and time requirements." ...

Stadiums and Arenas


Product Launch Packages

FS Bridge Seal


Wabo®QuakeWall (patent pending) is a high performance exterior/interior wall expansion joint system capable of accommodating large multidirectional thermal and seismic displacements. 

Expertly engineered to handle extreme conditions.



FS Bridge Seal

Wabo®FS Bridge Seal

Wabo®FS Bridge Seal is a foam-supported silicone joint seal for bridges made of monolithic foam construction. The pre-compressed design allows for ease of installation and the flexibility to handle variations in joint size. 

Long-term cycling and sealing performance.



Pre-Compressed Sealants


The Wabo®BusTuff is a rugged and reliable expansion joint system specifically designed to accommodate high load, high speed and high daily traffic count parking deck challenges. This system has been tested and designed to withstand the most demanding seismic events making it the most fully functional, robust expansion joint system for parking structures.

Heavy duty. Redefined.


Pre-Compressed Sealants

Wabo®Seismic SafetyFlex

The Wabo®SeismicSafetyFlex system is an elastomeric molded cover plate system recommended for wider joint openings exposed to heavy loading or when design considerations call for the ability to accommodate multi-directional seismic movement.

Flexible doesn't have to mean flimsy.


FireShield Launch Package

Wabo®FireShield FSV & FSH

Wabo®FireShield is a second generation unified fire rated, sound, energy and waterproof sealant system. This fire-retardant impregnated foam does not rely on the silicone face or an intumescent coating to provide its fire rating.

Fire barrier expansion control systems.


FireShield Launch Package

Wabo®SPS Joint Sealing System

The Wabo®SPS expansion joint system is a preformed silicone joint sealing system designed to accommodate movements and varying joint widths on bridges and other civil structures requiring watertightness of expansion joints. 

Preservation in the Fast Lane



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